Is it possible to repaint old markings?

Yes, however, if the initial marking shows cracks or a lot of degradation, it is necessary to repair the old paintwork using the milling system.

Can we apply paints on a base that shows degradation?

Yes, after proper preparation and repair of the base that is degraded.

Can we apply preforms in concrete?

Yes, with the application of a suitable primer before application.

Can we apply preforms on top of CORSAFE?

Yes, it is possible, however, the necessary precautions must be taken so that the behavior of the existing resin is not compromised.

Can I apply preforms directly on top of parallels/sidewalks?

No, in these cases, an adequate preparation of the base must be carried out to create adhesion and resistance to the preform.

Is it possible to use cellulose thinner with acrylic paint?

No, because it is not compatible.