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About Candela. We believe that one road is more than a corridor for cars and other vehicles!

It is the feeling of security and confidence in the destination, which is given to us by the floors and the signs that guide us from one place to another.

So, and because Road Safety is our priority. We started by developing and producing high performance and durable Road Marking products. Today, with more than a million kilometers covered, we are all over the country and beyond borders: our products mark roads that cross continents. And you know what? Our odometer doesn’t stop…
About Candela? We exist to unlock the potential of a safer road world.

We are setting a standard for quality and innovation in road safety

Our R&D team spends the hours when they are not on the road, studying how to combine the best flooring and signage solutions for the most diverse situations and weather conditions, creating products based on real needs and legal requirements. whether national or international.

Result: Offer a wide range of products for road marking that combines compliance with legal specifications, personalization, quality, innovation and certification.

Service is as important to us as road safety!

Deciding on the best road signs has as its main mission the prevention of road accidents and the reduction of their consequences.

Therefore, our team of consultants is fully dedicated and experienced to help you choose the ideal products for road marking.
Ask them any questions about visual/audible warnings, prohibition, segregation information, delineation and application products on the surface of road markings and…hit the road with confidence!
CANDELA® – When we’re not on the road, we’re thinking about it!

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